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  • Guaranteed margins
  • 98% of inventory is kept on-site, ready to ship same day. All orders placed before 3 pm EST are shipped same day
  • Established relationships with over 25 of the largest and most common publishers
  • Able to create and ship custom book sets, printed book tabs, study guides, brochures, calculators & more
  • No losses due to edition updates. We keep up with the latest edition changes for PSI exam books
  • No losses due to lost or damaged shipments. We handle all returns and damaged shipments
  • No inventory or overhead costs associated with ordering, storing, or shipping books
  • All shipments over 15 lbs receive nylon strapping for added security
  • Less website maintenance
  • Book prices are always kept up to date to avoid accidentally undercharging or overcharging

How it Works

We create custom links that you can simply install on your website, enabling your clients to purchase the material right from your website. We use a cookie tracking package called GOAFFPRO which tracks URL cookies and determines where each client order came from. This allows us to generate a report every month showing the number of orders for each affiliate. Affiliate payments are sent by the 10th of the month for the previous month’s orders.

If a client starts their search from your website, even if the client buys a different book set than what you have listed on your site, you get paid. As long as they start their search using your link, it counts as an affiliate sale. All sales made through your affiliate link, up to 30 days from initial visit, are credited to your affiliate account. Once the shipping label is created, a tracking number is automatically sent to the client via email.

As an affiliate, you no longer need to maintain book inventory, packaging, boxes, tracking numbers, or pricing. We handle all of that. We can also print tabs based on individual book chapters or you can supply us with a list of the tabs you want printed per book title.

We also take care of all the transaction costs. We accept multiple payment options such as credit cards, PayPal, and Affirm.

Financial Consideration

Books have an average gross profit margin of 20%. You have your transaction cost and merchant service fees, which take 3%. Packaging supplies such as tape, labels, boxes, labor to inventory, process orders, and prepare shipments, tracking numbers, and returns also eat into those margins bringing your net margins closer to 10-12%.

We offer our affiliates up to a 10% commission on all sales. We take care of all the inventory, supplies, labels, tracking numbers, client interactions if needed, returns, lost shipments, damaged shipments, book edition updates at PSI, and book pricing. Remove the burden of book shipments from your business!

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