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Highway Contractor

North Carolina Exam Books for Highway Contractors

If you are interested in highway construction or have worked as a construction technician in the past, becoming a licensed highway contractor is a good way to expand your earning potential. Also, you can expand your knowledge to other areas of construction for transportation. You may already have some of the educational and NC highway contractor exam books. If so, we sell a wide variety of individual topics, such as railway construction, jacked tunnel design, concrete mixtures, NC-DOT standards and many others. We sell a complete set of exam prep books for NC highway contractors if you want to prepare yourself for every exam. From piping and excavation to CAMA coastal development, you can find plenty of useful topics that meet your career goals.

For the added benefit of same-day shipping on our NC highway contractor test prep books, please place your order before 3 p.m. We even offer PayPal's BillMeLater service if you're not ready to pay all at once. Call 828-577-3009 with questions or concerns, and review our information on PSI Exams if your questions are regarding the exam itself.